The company was founded by Daniel Higgs, Phil Calabrese and Nicole Fry, who joined forces while studying at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The team’s innovative technology and convincing business case have earned awards, funding and media attention. And its first project, in partnership with Upslope Brewing, launched in 2014.

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We partner and co-locate with Colorado micro-breweries to capture their CO2 emissions using algae.

Through photosynthesis, our algae "soak up" waste CO2 and convert it to omega-3 oils and other useful products using their natural biosynthetic pathways.  

Our proprietary process grows algae using less land, water and energy than conventional methods.

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We care about people.

We work to simultaneously reduce climate change and improve the health of children and adults. 

CO2 is one of the worst greenhouse gases, with an atmospheric half-life of approximately 150 years! US breweries release over 1.5 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, which is about equivalent to all of the CO2 output from motorists on the road in the state of West Virgina. 

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